Friday, September 18, 2009

Application Instructions

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure a beautifully placed vinyl decal.

1. Clean.

Your surface must be clean, dry, smooth and free of dirt or dust. You can use warm soapy water, and then wipe with a damp cloth followed by a lint free towel, or give it time to air dry completely. You can also clean with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and allow to air dry. (Don't use a cleaner with ammonia in it.)

2. Prepare.

Your vinyl decal is sandwiched between white backing paper and a top layer of transfer tape. Lay the decals on a flat surface, graphic side down. Press firmly over the entire decal sheet with the edge of a squeegee, credit card, or similar object. This helps to firm up the bond between the decal and the transfer tape.

3. Plan.

Decide exactly where you will place your decal on the wall. Cut around individual decals with scissors, if necessary. Make sure the lettering or graphic is straight and centered, or placed exactly where you want it. Now use masking tape to attach the decal to the wall. It works best to run the tape the length of the decal along the top, creating a "hinge."

4. Apply.

Flip your decal up along the hinge and remove the backing paper carefully. (This is the hard part!) If some of the decal is not adhering to the top layer of application tape, rub it again with the squeegee, focusing on the edges, and try again. This takes time and patience with large decals, so don't give up! Once all of the backing paper is off, lower the decal against the wall and slowly use your hand or squeegee to press down on the decal, starting at the top center and working your way towards the edges. Now use your squeegee or credit card to again press firmly on the decal, making it adhere to the wall. Peel back the transfer tape (this works best at a 180 degree angle) to leave the decal on the wall. Again, if the decal is sticking to the transfer tape instead of the wall, rub it very firmly with the squeegee until it stays put.