Tuesday, June 30, 2009

nautical nursery.

Wendy wanted some wall decor to compliment her nautical-themed nursery. She asked me to make three vinyl shapes, and then she applied them to painted canvases. They turned out wonderfully! Baby Cal is one lucky guy.


Marjorie just had her second sweet little girl. She asked me to design something for their rooms that would emphasize their new sisterly roles.

This was the inspiration. I think it was embroidered on someone's T-shirt?

So then I created this.

And ended up with these.

Cute rooms for some cute girls!

wedding gifts.

Tiles make a great wedding gift. They're pretty, personalized, and relatively inexpensive.

Here are a couple of designs I have done. One for my sister's wedding (Mackenzie and Beau):

And a few for Carrie, who has many weddings to attend this summer!

Monday, June 22, 2009

first words.

Since we're living in a home-away-from-home this summer, I wanted to put up a few things for my son to look at from his crib. These are simple, but hopefully will help him with some word recognition. (He doesn't look thrilled, but I promise, he likes them!)

I thought the airplane picture was especially cute, and would look good right on the wall of a little boy's room.